Our Team

Shrusti Amula (she/her), Founder and CEO

Shrusti Amula is a Senior at Richard Montgomery High School. She is also a bronze and silver awardee girl scout. Shrusti identified and extensively researched a problem in her community that was being overlooked, the Food waste. She presented this topic and the possible solutions at the eCybermission competition, a STEM Competition, which is backed by US Army where she was placed top 5 in the nation. One of the proposed solution was to start Food waste collection programs to be diverted to compost facilities. She currently runs this program in 12 public schools in her county. She is partnered with local schools and multiple corporate sponsors to make this solution a big success. She founded this youth-led non-profit organization to promote and motivate kids to participate in such initiatives to give back to the community. She works with people with of all ages and backgrounds through a wide array of service campaigns that support causes ranging from hunger and social justice to quality education, civil rights, and youth activism. She has participated and contributed to various legislative bills at the school and county level. Outside of school and community activities, she is a trained Indian classical dancer, USA, National Women's cricket player, mentor, and a debater.

Vayun Amula (he/him), COO

Vayun Amula is a Sophomore at Poolesville High School. As a COO of Rise N Shine he is actively engaged in day to day operations . Outside of school and community activities, he is a USA, Maryland state level cricket player.

E x e c u t i v e   T e a m

Trisha Adkar

Director Composting

Junior - Clarksburg High School

Nikhil Nare

Media & Content Specialist

Freshman - Richard Montgomery High School

Sreekar Penikelapati

Website Admin

Sophomore - Clarksburg High School

Abhinav Bommareddy

Director Volunteer Operations

Sophomore - Clarksburg High School

Sriradha Regula

Director Volunteer Operations

Freshman -Poolesville High School

Anoushka Patil

Director Food Recovery Operations

Freshman - Clarksburg High School