Lead SB124/HB150 Postcard Campaign with us 

What is HB150/SB124 ?

Grant Program to Reduce and Compost School Waste

Creates a $500K grant program for Maryland schools/school systems to receive funds for food waste reduction programs. These include placing compost bins in school cafeterias for lunch and other creative educational endeavours, with an emphasis on student-led programs

Why is this important? What’s the impact of school food diversion programs?

Why food waste reduction programs are important?

What is the postcards campaign?

The House hearing for HB150 is on Jan 27. In the meantime, we would like to get students around the state to write postcards to their delegates urging them to vote favorably. We are working with student leaders across the state to have them delivered to schools, and then have them hand-delivered onto legislators' desks. We have spoken with the HB150 sponsors, Delegates Charkoudian and Solomon, and they are confident that these postcards will have a great impact on the vote outcome. Imagine the effect of thousands of postcards in offices across the MD House and Senate buildings, each with a different, personal message about why legislators need to make this grant program a reality.  

How to host a post card campaign?

Student leaders are free to partner with clubs/SGAs at your school. Some ideas could include:

What should you write?

A personal environmental, educational, or food-related experience and how it has impacted you. State that SB124 will give more students access to experiences like yours. This can also just be an explanation of why it’s personally important to you to reduce waste, respect food, and conserve the environment .

What’s the goal of these postcards?

Last year, we sent 6000 postcards to Annapolis and got SB124 passed. Legislators were impressed by the sheer volume of support and were motivated by student and teacher voices to vote favorably. Lots of legislators even hung up postcards in their offices! 

But after SB124 passed, funds were struck down. Now, we need to demand that the governor put in funds for SB124 into the budget. Our postcards will show the governor that students and teachers are interested in starting food waste reduction programs and care about expanding access to environmental opportunities - that we need the money to do so!  

Examples of Written postcards. Here are some ideas: